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[Aug. 11th, 2010|06:29 am]
my stylish heart
lately i have been having trouble posting anything on facebook/lj/whatever...

i see ignorance, and i find no matter what i wish to say, it sounds really conceited and contemptuous. my intent is always on giving helpful suggestions and sometimes pointing out erroneous views...

but then i think, what do i think when people do this to me?

mostly, i think they are being conceited and contemptuous, haha.

it has occurred to me as of late that when someone is complaining, they don't want someone to offer them a solution or a probable cause or any sort of helpful suggestion... they just want them to join in their bitching... even if it seems so obvious to others how they are the cause of their own suffering.

sigh. sometimes i'm not even sure why i bother. people will just find and see what they want to.